From precise root canal therapy to expert retreatment, our services are designed to preserve your oral health.

We Offer the Following Services

Experience root canal therapy in San Antonio, Texas, with Elite Endodontics. We strive to transform your smile, ensuring your oral health is in shape.

root canal therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Our expert root canal therapy relieves pain, preserves your natural teeth, and restores your smile.

Dentist demonstrates problems with teeth

Root Canal Retreatment

We offer specialized root canal retreatment, ensuring your teeth’s longevity and your smile’s radiance.

dentist examining teeth of her female patient

Endodontic Surgery

We provide expert endodontic surgery that saves damaged teeth and promotes better oral health.

Nerve Damage of injured tooth

Cracked Teeth

We fix cracked teeth to prevent further damage and maintain the beauty and integrity of your smile.

Dental cavities

Traumatic Injuries

Our team provides immediate care for traumatic dental injuries, ensuring your oral well-being.