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At Elite Endodontics, we know how important having a great smile is to looking and feeling good. That's why Dr. K. Robert Thurman and the entire team at our specialty practice is committed to providing the highest quality endodontic treatment.

Saving your natural tooth should always be your first choice when dental care is needed. A common dental procedure called a root canal, may enable you to save your natural tooth and avoid the need for more costly alternatives, such as implants or bridges. Endodontists (root canal specialists) are dentists who have advanced specialty training in root canal therapy and associated procedures, such as retreatment of root canals and apical surgery. They can help you diagnose and fully understand a root canal related problem. Because they limit their practice to endodontics, they treat patients with root related problems every day. Endodontists use their advanced training, experience and special equipment in treating patients with both simple and difficult root canal issues. If you are searching for a local endodontist – look no further, contact us today at (210) 599-9900.

We invite you to look around our site to learn more about Dr. K. Robert Thurman and our practice to see how we can be an integral part of your dental care. We know that the first step towards a beautiful smile begins with selecting a dentist that you can rely on. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment.


***We accept most major dental insurance plans.***

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